German interior ministry confirms joint border patrols with Poland

German interior minister, Nancy Faeser, announced the creation of a taskforce to combat migrant smuggling. Olivier Hoslet/PAP/EPA

Germany has agreed with Poland and the Czech Republic on joint border patrols in their territories, according to a Friday statement by the German interior minister, Nancy Faeser quoted by Reuters.

German politicians, including the chancellor, Olaf Scholz, have recently expressed concerns about an increased inflow of migrants across the border with Poland. This has prompted some media and opposition politicians in Poland to warn that the border-free movement between Poland and Germany may be in jeopardy.

In her Friday statement, Faeser also announced the creation of a taskforce to combat migrant smuggling.

She said that joint patrols with the participation of officers of the German, Polish and Czech border guards would be increased.

On Wednesday in Berlin, Faeser announced that the German Ministry of the Interior is not currently planning to introduce permanent control points on the borders with the Czech Republic and Poland, as is the case with the German-Austrian border. However, the minister "does not rule out" the introduction of such a solution in the future.

On Thursday Poland's interior minister, Mariusz Kamininski, said "I emphasise that media reports about the alleged restoration of permanent controls on the internal Schengen border between Poland and Germany are untrue,

"The German side has only decided to increase the intensity of service activity on its side of the border with Poland," Kaminski continued. "This does not constitute the restoration of controls in accordance with the applicable Schengen rules." 

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