German chancellor is wrong to reject Poland’s reparations claims says MP


Olaf Scholz, the chancellor of Germany, is "deeply mistaken" in rejecting Poland’s demands for reparations by saying that the issue has already been settled, a governing party MP has said.

On September 1, the Polish government presented a report which put its World War Two losses at losses at EUR 1.3 trillion and demanded reparations from Germany.

Arkadiusz Mularczyk, an MP from the ruling Law and Justice party who heads the Polish parliamentary committee on reparations, said in an interview to be published in the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on Wednesday, that Chancellor Olaf Scholz had rejected Polish demands for compensation for damages caused by Germany in Poland during World War Two and had said that the question of reparations had been concluded by international law.

According to Mularczyk, one cannot reject something that has not yet been received. "A diplomatic note concerning the matter or reparations will soon reach Germany, so it's not possible to reject something before it arrives," he added.

"Secondly, I am pleased the chancellor of Germany no longer refers to the relinquishment of the right to war reparations," added Mularczyk. "This is progress."

At the same time, he noted that it was impossible to believe that international law defends war crimes. "On the contrary, war crimes are not subject to the statute of limitation and it is possible to claim compensation regardless of the passage of time," he said.