General Anders - On Parade in London

Standing 1-metre tall, the solid bronze bust by renowned sculptor Andrzej Pityński was unveiled this morning following a fundraising campaign to have the sculpture become part of the museum’s new permanent exhibition of the Allies’ Italian Campaign, in which Anders played a crucial role. Arkady Rzegocki/Twitter

We get the inside info behind the commemoration of one of Poland’s most renowned generals in the UK after several decades since the end of World War II.

Host John Beauchamp speaks to George Byczyński, a British Pole who was instrumental in the fundraising campaign of a new bust of World War II hero General Władysław Anders, which has just gone on permanent display at London’s National Army Museum.

We get the inside info behind commemorating one of Poland’s most renowned generals in the UK.

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Bust of WWII hero General Anders unveiled in historic ceremony at London’s National Army Museum

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