Gdańsk Shipyard signs contract with Finnish firm Konecranes

Poland's Gdańsk Shipyard on Wednesday signed a contract with the Finnish crane maker Konecranes under which the Polish company will produce cranes for the European and North American markets, PAP was told by an Industrial Development Agency (ARP) official.

"We don't want to be only a subcontractor on the shipyard market. We want a strong brand that we are going to rebuild thanks to direct cooperation with the key companies in the sector. Such deals guarantee a stable order backlog," ARP deputy CEO Andrzej Kensbok told PAP on Wednesday.

Under the contract signed on Wednesday, the Gdańsk Shipyard will manufacture harbour cranes.

This long-term agreement will make it possible "to strengthen the employees' skills through the transfer of technology, knowledge and experience," Kensbok said.

"In order to retain profitability, vigour and economic strength, the shipyard needs to sign contracts directly with end customers," the ARP official said.

The production of first orders will start this year, in the second or the third quarter at the latest, according to Kensbok.

The ARP deputy CEO admitted that the Gdańsk Shipyard is still in a difficult financial position, but said that in two years' time it will turn profitable. "We want to end the year 2020 with a so-called zero plus result," he said.