Gas supplies for entire 2022/23 heating season secured says gas group

Leszek Szymański/PAP

Gas group PGNiG has said that it has secured gas supplies for the entire 2022/23 heating season and that it would utilise 100 percent of the Baltic Pipe’s capacity planned for this year.

The war in Ukraine, a Polish boycott of Russian energy and intense international competition for carbon fuels has led to fears of an energy shortage.

"Gas supplies have been secured for the entire 2022/23 heating season," PGNiG said in a statement to PAP. "PGNiG, in recent weeks, has secured additional contracts for the purchase of gas from companies operating on the Norwegian continental shelf."

The gas from Norway will travel to Poland via the Baltic Pipe, which is due to start operating on October 1.

The gas group pointed out that "due to misinformation that has appeared in the media concerning the utilisation of the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline... PGNiG confirms that 100 percent of the gas pipeline capacity planned for this year will be utilised."