Four Turkish F-16s land in Poland to join NATO Air Policing mission

Four Turkish Air Force F-16s landed at the northern Polish Malbork air base on Tuesday to join NATO's Air Policing mission in the region.

An 80-person Turkish Air Force subdivision will service the aircraft at Malbork until mid-September.

This is the second time the Turkish Air Force has provided jets for the mission and their first time deployed to Malbork.

It is the third Turkish Air Force subdivision in the region within the framework of the Air Policing mission, alongside Spanish Air Force representatives in Siauliai, Lithuania, and the Italian Air Force in Amari, Estonia. NATO's Air Policing mission is primarily tasked with defending the airspace above the countries of the Baltic region.

NATO described the deployment as an example of "solidarity and cohesion between NATO members and collective engagement in deterrence and defence." NATO said the deployment of Turkish F-16s showed the alliance's readiness and reaction capacity.

NATO added that the three allies from the south - Spain, Italy and Turkey - are supporting NATO air forces in northern Europe. Forces deployed in the Baltic Sea region will cooperate with one another and host air forces with the aim of enhancing cooperation.

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