Forty-six percent of Poles plan holiday travel - poll

A recent survey by pollster Kantar shows that 46 percent of the Polish public intend to travel for a holiday this summer while 38 percent intend to stay at home.

The survey also showed that 4 percent of respondents intend to stay within their region, 23 percent want to spend their vacation in Poland and 6 percent plan to go abroad. Sixteen percent could not answer.

Kantar noted that people over 65 years of age most commonly had no holiday plans (64 percent) as well as those with basic education (73 percent), those declaring a strong interest in politics (56 percent) and supporters of the ruling Law and Justice party (53 percent).

The youngest respondents (18-24 years) more often declared a desire to travel within their region (9 percent) as well as those coming from towns of 20,000 and 100,000 residents and those living in the biggest cities (over 500,000) each recording 7 percent. Supporters of the opposition Civic Coalition most frequently declared such holiday plans (8 percent).

Vacation plans were more commonly expressed by men (15 percent), respondents between 25 and 34 years of age (23 percent), those with higher education (19 percent) and residents of large cities (21 percent).

The research was conducted between May 7 and 12 using the Computer-Assisted Personal Interview method on a representative sample of 1,005 adult residents of Poland.