Forty Polish history films in production phase - culture minister

Polish Culture Minister Piotr Gliński told the public TV broadcaster TVP Info on Thursday that the history of Poland is being told in various ways in around 40 historical films, currently in production.

The minister recalled the upcoming premiere of "Courier", the story of Jan Nowak-Jeziorański, a legendary WWII courier who smuggled messages between the underground Home Army in Poland and the Polish government-in-exile in Great Britain.

Gliński told TVP Info that there is a problem with telling Polish history on the international scene because Poland had not been an independent state for years.

"In the Polish People's Republic (communist Poland - PAP) or later in the first decades of a democratic Poland, the country was a little "ashamed" of a certain type of historical narrative, to say the least. No institutions were established that should exist in any major state. Such as the Polish History Museum, which we are building now in the Warsaw Citadel," the minister noted.

"Forty various historical films are in different phases of production. In a few days, the premiere of "Courier" will be screened. The film tells the story of Jan Nowak-Jeziorański. We all remember how the western world closed its eyes to the news that our couriers from occupied Poland tried to spread to the west," Gliński said.

When referring to the new productions, the culture minister, apart from 'Courier', also mentioned 'Legions', which will be first screened in September. He also referred to the 'Young Piłsudski' by Michał Rosa and 'Klecha' (a derogatory term for a priest - PAP), the story of father Roman Kotlarz, murdered by the communist security services in 1976 after June protests and strikes staged in Radom against food price hikes introduced by the communist authorities.