Forty-five pct of Poles optimistic about future - poll


As many as 45 percent of Poles voiced positive opinions about the situation in the country, up by one percentage point from the previous study, according to a poll by CBOS pollster.

In comparison with the first half of July, the assesments was practically the same. Some 38 percent of Poles believed the situation in the country is heading in the wrong direction. Another 17 percent did not have opinion on the matter.

Asked about the condition of the Polish economy, 40 percent of pollees said the economy was doing well, 25 percent said the economy was in crisis.

Thirty-six percent of Poles voiced negative opinions about the political situation in the country, down by 4 pps.

According to the survey, the proportion of Poles who voiced concerns about the future in the country rose by 13 pps to 36 percent. Some 23 percent expected changes for the better, down by 3 pps.

CBOS conducted the survey on August 18-27 on a representative sample of 1,149 respondents.