Former EC president and Polish PM receives Marion Doenhoff award

Former European Council President and Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk was distinguished with the Marion Doenhoff prize for international understanding and reconciliation in Hamburg, on Sunday.

When presenting the award, the jury emphasised Tusk's commitment to the process of European integration and the rapprochement of Western and Eastern Europe. It also stated that Tusk, as a Polish PM and MP, engaged in building a democratic and free Poland.

In his speech, Tusk gave thanks for the distinction and appealed to Europeans not to be divided. He stated that Europeans should care for transatlantic relations, regardless of who the US president is. The former EC president noted that "supporting Ukraine is in the interests of Europe itself."

Marion Doenhoff was a co-editor of the Die Zeit weekly for many years. She worked for the reconciliation of Germany with the countries of Eastern Europe, including Poland. Awards named after Doenhoff were granted this year for the seventeenth time.