Forget Dragon’s Den - here’s the Wolves Summit

Why Poland is one of the best place to do business - is one of the Summit's topics. The Wolves Summit

Over 300 creative brains from across the globe have descended on Warsaw, as well as those with the money to turn their ideas into business.

On Wednesday and Thursday this week (23-24.10.18) entrepreneurs from 60 countries meet at the Wolves Summit in Warsaw to exchange contacts, ideas and hopes for large profits.

A networking conference, the summit gives an opportunity for 300 startups, 200 investors, and 300 corporations and executives from the global tech ecosystem to meet up.

Summit spokeswoman Wiktoria Nycz told TFN: “According to the participants, this is the most effective multinational event in Central and Eastern Europe focused on networking.

The Palace of Science and Culture and Science has become the Palace of start ups.The Wolves Summit 

“The competitive advantage of the event is based on the possibility to schedule two weeks before the conference one-to-one meetings between startups, investors and corporations by using a dedicated application.”

This year the event will focus on several industries and emerging topics including Blockchain, Augmented Reality,  Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Hardware.

Speakers include AI expert Rudradeb Mitra, who has built six startups in four countries and has over nine years experience in building AI and Machine learning products, and Evren Ay, the founder of MotaWord - the world’s fastest human translation platform.

1,500 participants from all continents meet in Warsaw to discuss international cooperation.The Wolves Summit

There is also a “million dollar-baby” to win.

All participants can take part in a contest with 40 best start ups being given the chance to pitch their ideas in front of investors and partners.

This edition Wolves Summit is partnering with Fenox Venture Capital to invite the winner of the Great Pitch Contest to the Grand Finale of the Startup World Cup in San Francisco where they will have the possibility to win the grand investment prize of 1mln USD.