Foreign tourists rate Poland positively

Ninety six percent of foreign visitors to Poland in 2017, who completed a Polish Tourist Organisation (POT) questionnaire, were satisfied with their stay.

A clear majority of tourists (94 percent) associate the country with its history and rich heritage and consider Poland worth getting to know (93 percent). More than half (56 percent) considered it similar to Western European countries and almost one third (64 percent) perceived it as a modern country. Most respondents (85 percent) declared an intention to visit again in the near future. 

Most plan to organise their own trips, and intend to include cities (68 percent) and UNESCO sites (55 percent). Forests and national parks also enjoy a high level of interest, with 45 percent of respondents declaring an intention to visit them. Thirty four percent intended to visit the mountains, lakes and coast, and another 34 percent were interested in cultural events. 

A similar picture was presented in terms of the tourist attractions visitors associate with Poland. Most (72 percent) mentioned cities while 61 percent associated the country with its forests and national parks and 60 percent with UNESCO heritage sites. Lower down the ranking came monuments and museums (54 percent), cultural events (49 percent), lakes (46 percent), mountains (45 percent) and hiking (40 percent). The most common nationalities of questionnaire respondents were Japanese, Italian and Belgian. 

The research results were based on an internet questionnaire, available in more than a dozen languages, spontaneously filled in by visitors to the website between January and December 2017.