Foreign investors dominated Polish stock exchange last year

In 2017, the greatest share in trading on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW) was conducted by foreign investors, who generated 53 percent of turnover in stocks, as much as the whole of 2016, the GPW announced on Friday.

The share in trade of Polish institutional investors was 31 percent, against 34 percent in 2016. 

"The greatest share of turnover on the Main Market of the GPW in 2017 - as in previous years - was conducted by foreign investors," the GPW announced in a Friday press release. "They generated 53 percent of share turnover, the same as the whole of 2016. In the second half of 2017, foreign investors accounted for 55 percent of turnover - 3 percentage points higher than in the first half of 2017."

"In the second half of 2017, individual investors generated 14 percent of turnover, which represents a 1 percentage point increase on the same period of 2016 in this group's share of turnover on the Main Market of GPW shares," the communique continued. 

The GPW also announced that in the second half of 2017, TFI's (investment fund companies) dominated among national institutional investors (with a 37 percent share), in second place were entities providing market maker services (28 percent) with open retirement funds in third position on 14 percent. 

On the NewConnect market, individual investors continued to play a leading role, accounting for 76 percent of turnover in 2017. Their share of turnover rose by 3 percentage points on 2016. Foreign investors accounted for 8 percent of trade and institutions 16 percent  -  3 points down on the whole of 2016. 

In the second half of the year, among Polish institutional investors, TFIs dominated with 56 percent of trade on NewConnect (up from 31 percent during the same period of 2016). Market makers were also active investors on NewConnect, increasing their share by 5 percentage points year on year to 15 percent, and companies accounted for 10 percent of turnover.