Ford Ranger instead of Nissan Navara for Polish army – defence ministry


The Ford Ranger, not the Nissan Navara, will replace the off-road Honker, announced the Ministry of Defence, which annexed the contract for the delivery of 485 new vehicles. The change is related to the closure of a Spanish Nissan factory due to the pandemic.

The vehicles will be delivered in the years 2020-2022.

"The 485 Ford Ranger XTL vehicles will soon be available to the Polish Army. The contract also provides for the purchase of an additional 163 units under a contract option. The Ministry of Defence has signed, today, an annex to the contract for the purchase of off-road vehicles for the Polish Army," said the ministry on Wednesday.

Originally, the contract assumed the purchase of Nissan Navara vehicles. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic in Spain, the Spanish auto plant had to be closed. The factory was the only one which produced, for the European market, the vehicle model ordered earlier by the Polish Army," stated the defence ministry.

"The Ministry of National Defence recognised that one of the priorities was the replacement of the time-worn Honkers with new vehicles, in accordance with the previously adopted schedule. The Ministry of National Defence has taken measures to reduce the unit price of the vehicle, while maintaining the same quality and parameters," the ministry said.

The ministry indicated that, as a result of talks with the supplier, it was able to save over PLN 2.5 mln (EUR 561,000) on the contract. It announced that the money would be used to buy an additional 13 vehicles. The Ford Ranger XLT has almost the same technical specifications as the Nissan Navara, however, it is a slightly longer vehicle with a much larger boot, said the ministry.