Flu epidemic grips Poland

Archiwum Turczyk/PAP

In the first half of January, Poland recorded over 559,000 cases or suspected cases of influenza and 33 deaths from the disease, data from the National Institute of Public Health - State Research Institute show.

The institute's findings show that between January 1 and 7 there were 306,637 cases or suspected cases of flu and between January 8 and 15, there were 252,837 cases bringing a total of 559,474.

In the first week of January, 2,891 hospital referrals were issued and in the second week 2,387. Over the same two-week period, 33 people died of flu, seven in the first week and 26 in the second.

In December 2022, more than 1.139 million cases or suspected cases of flu were noted while for the whole of November the number was around 490,000.