Flu cases rise across Poland, warns health minister

Albert Zawada/PAP

The Polish health minister has said that the number of influenza cases in the country is constantly growing and encouraged Poles to take flu shots.

"Since the beginning of this year's flu vaccination season, 650,000 people have been vaccinated. Meanwhile, in the last week of November alone, over 160,000 people fell ill with flu, and nearly 650 were hospitalised," Adam Niedzielski wrote on Twitter on Friday.

"The choice is obvious: Let's get vaccinated," he added.

According to the most recent epidemiological reports, there were over 490,000 cases of flu and flu-related illnesses reported in Poland in the period covering November 1-30. Also, nearly 2,000 referrals to hospitals were issued during that time.

The flu season in Poland usually lasts from October to May and vaccinations are recommended and administered throughout the autumn and winter seasons.