Flood situation 'under control' in southern Poland says PM

Łukasz Gągulski/PAP

The Polish prime minister has said the situation in the southern province of Malopolskie is under control despite the region being battered by heavy rain and storms.

Mateusz Morawiecki visited the province on Sunday after some parts of it were damaged by torrential rain and rising water levels in local rivers. 

"We have acquainted ourselves both with the current meteorological and hydrological situation and the possible effects of torrential rain and storms," Morawiecki said in the town of Dobczyce on Sunday night.

"We are convinced that the situation will remain under control if weather conditions do not deteriorate," he said, adding that all emergency services were fully prepared to operate.

The prime minister said that the reservoir in Dobczyce protected a few counties, including some parts of the city of Krakow, and that all these places were much safer today than during the widespread flooding that hit the region in 2010.

"Nature has been showing its more dangerous face, both in the Malopolska province and in other regions," he said. 

Morawiecki also praised the local emergency services for their readiness to deal with rising water levels, and declared that "owing to this, local residents can feel safe."