Five dead, seven injured after plane crashes into hangar

Leszek Szymański/PAP

Five were killed and seven injured after a Cessna plane crashed into a hangar where a group of people were sheltering from the storm.

The accident happened on Monday night when the plane attempted to land in bad weather conditions at the Chrcynno airfield near Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki, around 40 kilometres away from Warsaw.

The fatalities include the machine's pilot and people who took shelter in the hangar.

Monika Nowakowska-Brynda from the Polish State Fire Service (PSP) said on Tuesday morning that 15 people were involved in the plane crash in Chrcynno, five people were killed, seven were injured, and three people were not injured.

All the injured people were taken to hospitals, among them a 6-year-old boy who was at the Chrcynno airfield with his mother. 

Nowakowska-Brynda specified that there were three pilots on the plane, one of them died, one was injured, and one was not injured.

She also said that "meteorological conditions" can be given as a possible cause of the accident.

According to Nowakowska-Brynda, firefighters are still working at the airfield to secure the crash site.

Justyna Sochacka, spokeswoman for Warsaw Medical Air Rescue, told PAP on Tuesday that four helicopters took part in the rescue operation after the accident and that two men in their 40s were transported to hospitals, one with a chest injury, the other with a craniocerebral injury.

The Warsaw Police spokesman, Sylwester Marczak, told a press conference on Tuesday morning that "some people were helped at the site and left the scene." 

He also said the police finished the first stage of the site inspection at 3 am on Tuesday. According to him, in total, about 200 officers of various services were on site during the night, including 60 police officers.

"There are several hours of work ahead of the services. Representatives of the State Commission for Investigation of Aircraft Accidents are on site" Marczak added.

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