First relief shipments of hay arrive in Sweden

Swedish horse breeders have received the first shipments of hay, which were sent to them by their Polish counterparts as part of a relief campaign after this year’s drought.

The collection, organised by the Polish Horse Breeders Association was met with great appreciation in Sweden.

"We are very grateful, it’s enormous support for us. The hay smells amazing and, most importantly, the horses love its taste," Kristine Fransson from the Swedish Horse Breeders Association told PAP. This organization is coordinating the campaign on the Swedish side.

As the breeder added, after this year's extreme drought, Swedish breeders are having a huge problem with finding feed for the winter, which may result in the necessity of sending some horses to the slaughterhouse. "Farming is suffering. Hay is simply impossible to get anywhere," Fransson said.

Many posts thanking the Poles for their unique attitude have appeared on social media and many also referred to the contribution of Polish firefighters in extinguishing fires in Sweden.

The hay harvesting campaign was also supported by the Polish embassy in Stockholm.

According to Tomasz Szultka, the head of the Polish Association of Horse Breeders, the relief effort has already managed to send ten shipments to Sweden, and five more are being prepared. The fodder, hay and silage reached mainly Skane and Smaland, the most affected regions of Sweden.

The donors are 12 farms and stables from central and northern Poland. The Polish side collects the hay, while the Swedish side pays for the transportation costs.