First laser ablation surgery for brain tumour performed in Poland

A team of specialists from the University Hospital in Krakow have performed Poland’s first magnetic resonance imaging-guided laser ablation surgery.

The innovative procedure is performed on patients who cannot have open surgery because of the location of the tumour.

"The innovation of this minimally invasive procedure is based on the use of laser energy to destroy cancer cells located in the deep brain structures, which are difficult to access surgically, and are associated with a high perioperative risk," said the head of the Department of Neurosurgery and Neurotraumatology at the Krakow hospital, Borys Kwinta, who also led the team. 

The entire process of destroying the tumour damage was controlled using a ‘thermal map,’ obtained with the help of diagnostics using magnetic resonance imaging technology, Kwinta explained.

"It allowed us to see thermal energy propagation in the tumour tissue and in the brain," he added.

So far the results are satisfactory, according to the doctors from the hospital. One day after the operation the patient feels well and his neurological condition has not worsened. 

With the help of physiotherapists, he managed to get out of bed today, they said.