First land section of Baltic Pipe ready to use


The first onshore section of the Baltic pipe, linking Poland to Denmark and indirectly to Norwegian natural gas deposits, has been technically commissioned, the pipeline operator Gaz-System has announced.

The commissioning was made 15 days before the date stipulated in the contract, Gaz-System added.

"After 18 months of construction, the 69-kilometre long Ciecierzyce-Lwówek (western Poland) section of the pipeline is ready for gassing," the operator said on Wednesday.

The Ciecierzyce – Lwówek gas pipeline is one of the two sections of the Goleniów – Lwówek gas pipeline with a total length of 191 kilometres. Technical commissioning of the 122 km Goleniów-Ciecierzyce section is planned for mid-June.

After acceptance, the whole Goleniów-Lwówek gas pipeline will be commissioned and gassed, and gas transmission will start on October 1 this year, Gaz-System said.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine and stopped natural gas deliveries Poland has been making intensive efforts to diversify supplies by expanding its liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal, signing contracts with LNG suppliers and investing in cross-border gas infrastructure.

The Baltic Pipe runs along the Baltic seabed and would be another source of gas. It is a Polish-Danish strategic gas infrastructure project that will allow the transport of gas from the Norwegian shelf in the North Sea to Poland and will be operational in October 2022. The pipeline will be capable of carrying 10 billion cubic metres (bcm) of gas a year to Poland and 3 bcm from Poland to Denmark.