First Air Festival to be held in Świdnik in June

The First Air Festival to be held in Świdnik, eastern Poland, on June 9 -10 will feature various types of modern and historical aeroplanes and helicopters as well as skyhigh acrobatic shows. The organisers expect around 30,000 visitors.

"We would like to bring back the beautiful Świdnik aviation traditions, but also show Poland's aviation past and present," the mayor of Świdnik, Waldemar Jakson, said. "Polish and international air crews will present their shows during the festival. We want to combine historical reenacment shows with civic education and upbringing," he added.

The Świdnik Air Festival will feature Sokół (Falcon), SW-4 and Mi-2 helicopters produced in Świdnik.

In addition to air shows, exhibitions of modern aircraft and historical machines are planned, among them vintage helicopters SM-1 and SM-2, the first machines produced in Świdnik 60 years ago.

The Świdnik aviation tradition dates back to the pre-war period. In 1938, the Pilot School of the Air and Chemical Defence League was established in the town. In 1951, the PZL-Świdnik aviation plant was set up there. Today it is owned by Leonardo Helicopters. )

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