FinMin presents measures to encourage foreign investment in Poland

Finance Minister Tadeusz Koscinski announced a new package of measures on Monday aimed at encouraging foreign investment in Poland.

Among the measures outlined was a "single window" in which companies will be able to set up all tax aspects of an investment, and the possibility of settling VAT on financial services.

The minister of finance, funds and regional policy was taking part in a meeting devoted to measures intended to draw capital to Poland, by creating a friendly tax environment.

"Today we are presenting a further package of measures," he said. "We want them to encourage investors to invest their money here in Poland, to more willingly choose our country. Poland is a country friendly to investment, evidence of this is Poland's place in various rankings. Our advantage is the size of the market, a central location, the good attitude of Poles and a large and well qualified workforce."

Koscinski said it was time to take advantage of the post-pandemic re-opening of the global economy to strengthen foreign investment in Poland through attractive tax conditions.

"We want the comprehensive and rapid servicing of investors to become our country's calling card," he continued. "That will be enabled by the 'investor desk' and giving large investors... a single window at which they will be able to set up all tax aspects of an investment.

"They will no longer have to go to different bodies for different types of interpretation and wait until they issue a decision in the matter."

He added that the Ministry of Finance also wants to encourage investment in the financial sector. "Such an incentive will be the possibility to settle VAT on financial services," he explained. "Apart from that, we're also creating attractive conditions for the functioning of holding groups and tax capital groups."