Finance committee passes 2021 budget draft

The Sejm (lower house) Public Finance Committee on Friday passed Poland's draft budget for 2021.

The commission also stated that it will present a report on the budget draft by December 2.

The draft foresees revenues at PLN 404.4 billion (EUR 90.2 billion) and expenditures at PLN 486.7 billion (EUR 108.5), with a deficit at PLN 82.3 billion (EUR 18.4 billion).

According to the Polish Finance Ministry, the deficit will not hinder the funding of investments aimed to offset the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the national economy.

GDP growth is expected at 4 percent, mean-annual commodity and service price growth at 1.8 percent, average wage growth at 2.8 percent and household consumption growth at 6.3 percent.