Final tests being done on world’s largest e-bike system

Final tests are being carried out before the launch of Mevo, the world’s largest metropolitan power-assisted bike system. If the tests are successful, Poland's Pomorskie province will make the two-wheelers available to users in the coming weeks.

According to Jarosław Maciejewski, a communications official for the Tricity (Gdańsk-Gdynia-Sopot) area in northern Poland, the bicycle project coordinator, NB Tricity, reported last week that the system is ready to go.

At the moment it is being tested by representatives of municipalities which are involved in the project, as well as by bicycle associations. Currently undergoing tests are parking stations, the application that will be used to rent out the bicycles, the website, and contact and supervision centres.

If the tests are successful, the system, which consists of 1,224 bikes and 660 stations at this stage, could be put into operation in the coming weeks.

Soon after, the system is expected to be enlarged to 4,080 power-assisted bicycles. The bicycles will be available in 14 Polish municipalities.

The monthly subscription for using the system is to cost no more than PLN 10 (EUR 2.3). For this price, the user will receive 90 minutes of travel each day, and after exceeding this limit, the fee for each minute of use will amount to PLN 0.05 (EUR 0.01).

Local authorities emphasize that the construction of the system will contribute to an increase in the mobility of travelers and create an attractive alternative to the use of automobiles. The intention of local governments is to complement the public transport system with a city bike system, which can be used not only for recreation and tourism but, above all, as another means of transport.