Fight against smog can serve as driving force for Polish economy

Andrzej Grygiel/PAP

The government's "Clean Air" programme may not only clear smog from the air of Polish municipalities, but also become a driving force for the Polish economy in the post-pandemic years, the newspaper Rzeczpospolita reported on Wednesday.

The programme has allocated PLN 103 billion (EUR 22.8 billion) to cleaning the air of Polish towns for the years 2018-2029, and in the first two years of its operation there were nearly 172,000 applications for co-financing, amounting to a total of nearly PLN 3.3 billion (EUR 729.8 million).

Clean-air activists expect an acceleration in the rate of applications, and that the huge amount of money being invested in improving the energy efficiency of buildings may also play an important role in the recovery of the Polish economy after the pandemic.

But the newspaper said that, according to experts, the government programme still requires further changes and much better support.