Fifty percent of European sofas made in Poland

Every second sofa or sofa bed on the furniture market in Europe was produced in Poland, say the authors of a report on Poland's upholstery industry prepared for the ProMaTap conference.

ProMaTap, organized for the 12th time in Lodz, central Poland, on March 22 and 23, is a prestigious industry event that provides an opportunity for professionals, producers and suppliers from the furniture sector to meet.

"We rank fourth in the world and third in Europe, in terms of furniture exports," Leszek Raniewicz, board member of Abacorb, the organizer of the upholstery industry conference, told PAP. "We're behind Germany and Italy, but, at the current development pace, will probably be ahead of the latter still this year," he added.

According to the report, 2017 was a period of record sales of Polish furniture abroad. The value of exports exceeded EUR 10 billion, which is a 9 percent increase compared to last year.

As much as 33 percent of exported furniture are upholstered products, and those made in Poland are also popular on foreign markets. In 2016, the value of their exports amounted to EUR 3 billion.

"In the last ten years Poland has advanced from tenth to sixth place in the world as a furniture manufacturer," Raniewicz pointed out, noting that only such economic powers as China, the United States, Germany, Italy and India were ahead of Poland.

Germans are the main buyers of Polish furniture. Their share in Polish furniture exports is over 33 percent. The Czech Republic, the United Kingdom and France each receive a small-percentage of Polish couch and armchair exports.

Poland also sends its furniture to the United States, Switzerland, China, Russia or the Middle East.

Poles are also valued manufacturers of furniture designed as equipment for ships and yachts.