Fewer tourists using accommodation in Poland - stats office

The number of tourists who used overnight accommodation in Poland between January and the end of May 2021 fell by almost half, from over 6 million last year to over 3 million, the central Statistical Office (GUS) has reported.

Before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, over the first five months of 2019, as many as 12.5 million tourists used overnight accommodation in Poland.

GUS reported that between January and the end of May this year, 2.8 million domestic tourists and almost 244,000 foreign tourists used accommodation with 10 or more beds. A year earlier the figures were 5 million and 1.05 million respectively.

GUS added that of the foreign tourists visiting Poland in the first five months of 2021, most came from Germany (48,800) with Ukrainian visitors in second place (47,300) and Italians third (almost 10,700).

A year ago, over the same period, Germany was still the commonest country of origin (232,400), with Great Britain second (119,800) and Ukraine third (111,400).

GUS data also show that from January to the end of May this year, 8.4 million overnight stays were used by tourists. A year ago the figure was 15.8 million.