Fewer tourists staying overnight in Poland

The number of foreign tourists who stayed overnight in Poland in 2020 tumbled by almost 50 percent year on year.

"In 2020, 17.9 million tourists used tourist accommodation facilities, down 49.9 percent y/y. The number of overnight stays reached 51.4 million, down 45.0 percent," the Central Statistical Office (GUS) announced on Tuesday.

According to the GUS data, "the occupancy rate of beds in all tourist accommodation establishments stood at the level of 26.8 percent, a drop of 13.8 percentage points."

Foreign tourists, mostly Germans, constituted almost 13 percent (2.3 million) of all those who took advantage of accommodation facilities in 2020. In 2019, this rate equalled 21 percent.

The data cover facilities with ten or more beds.