Few Poles believe Church will deal with its sex offenders

Only a small minority of Poles think the Catholic Church will manage to bring to justice sex offenders in its ranks, a poll has shown.

The IBRiS poll for the Rzeczpospolita newspaper found that just 11 percent thought the Church would "deal with these problems by itself".

Poland’s Catholic Church has been hit by numerous child sexual abuse scandals, and allegations that it turned a blind eye to them.

Meanwhile, 37.6 percent believe that only the state stands a chance of solving the problem of paedophilia among the clergy.

The Vatican's intervention is seen as the best solution by 26.3 percent whereas 22.5 percent point to pressure from church goers and the media.

"Only 2.6 percent have no opinion on the matter, which means that the issue of paedophilia among the clergy is well known," the paper writes.

IBRiS ran the poll on a sample of 1,100 Poles on February 19-20, 2021.