Festival of Polish culture begins in Vilnius

The sixth edition of the Polish Culture Days festival began in Vilnius on Friday. The three-day event includes concerts, performances and presentations of old Polish traditional cuisine.

"We are happy that every year, as part of the Polish Culture Days in Vilnius, we are able to prepare an interesting programme and that every part of our festival enjoys great popularity," Artur Ludkowski, director of the Polish Cultural Centre in Vilnius, the initiator and organiser of the event, told PAP.

The Days of Polish Culture in Vilnius were inaugurated on Friday with a Polish Independence Concert under the motto, "For Our Freedom and Yours", performed by Polish-Canadian vocalist Ola Turkiewicz and Polish musicians and dedicated to Poles living outside of Poland. The concert in Vilnius took place as part of an international music tour of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Australia.

On Saturday, there will be a presentation old Polish traditional cuisine and, in the evening, in one of Vilnius's bars, a concert-party will be organised by some of Vilnius’ Polish contemporary music bands.

On Sunday, the Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic will present a musical tale for children. In the evening, in the concert hall of the St. Catherine Church in Vilnius, the Polish Royal Opera will present "Dziady", a poetic drama by the Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz.