FDI in Poland falls by 28 pct in 2019 to EUR 9.3 bln - central bank

FDI in Poland falls by 28 pct in 2019 to EUR 9.3 bln - central bank Tomasz Gzell/PAP

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) inflows into Poland fell by 28 percent in 2019 to PLN 41.67 billion (EUR 9.3 billion) the National Bank of Poland (NBP) has reported. Polish direct investment abroad stood at PLN 5 billion (EUR 1.11 billion) in 2019.

"In 2019 the net capital inflows to Poland from direct investment stood at PLN 41.7 billion (EUR 9.31 billion). This was contributed to by reinvestment of profits to the value of PLN 43.4 billion (EUR 9.69 billion) and inflows from stocks and other forms of capital shares (PLN 4.1 billion / EUR 916 million) with a simultaneous outflow due to debt financial instruments to the tune of (- PLN 5.8 billion / EUR - 1.29 billion)," the NBP stated.

In 2018, the inflow of FDI stood at PLN 57.77 billion (EUR 12.89 billion).

According to the NBP report, in the geographical breakdown of foreign investors there is a significant share of investments from countries where special purpose entities used for investments in Poland are registered, as evidenced by the amounts of liabilities recorded against investors from the Netherlands (PLN 190.6 billion / EUR 42.58 billion) and Luxembourg (PLN 112.7 billion / EUR 25.17 billion). The leading investors are also countries which invest without intermediaries, such as Germany (PLN 166.8 billion / EUR 37.26 billion) and France (PLN 78.7 billion / EUR 17.58 billion).

In 2019, foreign direct investment went primarily to entities involved in industrial processing (PLN 22.7 billion / EUR 5.07 billion) and trade (PLN 6.6 billion / EUR 1.47 billion).