Farmers stage protest in Warsaw against amended animal protection bill

Wojtek Jargiło/PAP

Another farmers' protest against the amendment of the bill on animal protection started in Warsaw on Wednesday. The demonstrators demand further work on the bill to be halted.

On October 14, the Senate passed several dozen amendments to a new animal protection bill which, among other provisions, forbids fur farming, using animals in entertainment, and the export of meat from ritual slaughter.

One of the Senate-introduced changes lifts the export ban on ritual poultry meat, while another extends the act's vacatio legis period to July 31, 2023, and the end of 2025 in the case of ritual slaughter. Senators also introduced an electronic tagging obligation for dog owners and regulations forbidding household animals being part of bailiff enforcement.

Farmers want the government to give up further work on the bill. "We show that we do not agree to the government's policy conducted without talking to the social side! We will defend! They will not introduce laws that are harmful to us," the organisers wrote on their social media profile.

Michal Kolodziejczak, founder of the AGROunia organisation, said that the demonstrations will also block Warsaw's Dmowski roundabout, the Home Army Group 'Radoslaw' roundabout, Wilson Square, the S7 route, and the entrance road from north-eastern Bialystok.

He went on to say that after about two hours the protesters plan to go in front of the Sejm (lower house) and then in front of the TVP public television headquarters.

PAP also found out that the protests are soon to be joined by taxi drivers who are to gather near the National Stadium.