Family of ruling party members not to sit on Treasury company boards

Law and Justice (PiS), Poland's ruling party, has decided that the close family of its politicians will be banned from sitting on the supervisory boards of State Treasury companies.

A resolution to this effect was adopted during a PiS congress on Saturday.

"Spouses, children, siblings and parents of PiS MPs and senators will not be allowed to be members of supervisory boards of State Treasury companies," reads the resolution, which was obtained by PAP.

"Incidents of nepotism cast a shadow on our entire grouping and undermine its credibility," it continued.

"They question the principle, which is of fundamental importance to PiS, according to which, being engaged in politics means working in the interest of the common good, as well as for the benefit of the Republic of Poland and its citizens, and not in order to achieve one's own benefits.

"Unfortunately, we have not managed to avoid mistakes and shortcomings. We also failed to avoid temptations stemming from holding power," the resolution stated.