Family minister wants stricter child abuse laws

Bartosz Jaknowski/PAP

Family and Social Policy Minister, Marlena Malag told PAP on Friday that she has asked the justice minister to begin work immediately on the Penal Code section that deals with child abuse.

The minister pointed out that laws on child abuse and neglect have not been modified since the adoption of the Penal Code in 1997. "This state of affairs requires an immediate response," she said.

Malag told PAP that "there is not and will not be any consent to the harming of defenceless children."

She also declared her willingness to cooperate with Zbigniew Ziobro in the development of further legal resolutions that would enhance the protection of children and youth against all forms of violence.

The call by the family minister was made in connection with the death of an eight-year-old boy who had been severely mistreated by his step-father. The boy, hospitalised several weeks ago with extensive burns, died on Monday from multiple organ failure.