Expulsion procedure starts against suspected Russian agent

At the request of Poland's Internal Security Agency (ABW), an expulsion procedure was initiated on Thursday against a female citizen of Cyprus and Russia, Stanisław Żaryn, spokesman for the minister-coordinator of special services, announced on Friday.

According to the ABW, the woman, Anastazja Z. (surname withheld under Polish law), was engaged in information warfare against Poland.

Żaryn added that the woman was also barred from entering Poland.

According to Żaryn, "Anastazja Z. inspired pro-Russian circles towards specific behaviour in the interests of the Russian Federation and instructed them to carry out directives of Russian institutions closely related to the authorities of that country."

The spokesman also stated that, according to ABW, Anastazja Z. was one of the people involved in actions that were priority aims of the Russian information war against Poland. "The Russian woman conducted, at the behest of actors of the government of the Russian Federation, covert activities aimed at consolidating pro-Russian circles in Poland in the field of questioning and undermining Polish historical policy and replacing it with the Russian narrative," Żaryn explained.

He underscored that the ABW had taken steps "as a result of which the procedure of expelling Yekaterina C. from Poland has been launched and a ban on entry to Poland has been placed on four other people, including Anastazja Z."

On Thursday, the ABW detained Russian citizen Jekaterina C. and banned four other people from entering Poland for five years. According to the ABW, the suspects had been engaged in hybrid warfare against Poland.