Exports of agri-food products rose to EUR 29.3 bln in 2018

The value of agri-food exports in 2018 reached an unprecedented level of EUR 29.3 bln, which was 5.5 percent higher than in 2017, the National Support Centre for Agricultural (KOWR) announced.

The results confirm that the agri-food sector is a key segment of the Polish economy and that it remains an important link in the international supply chain.

At the same time, imports totaled EUR 19.8 bln, a 2.6 percent increase from 2017.

KOWR stated that in 2018, the dynamics of the growth of the value of exports was higher than that of imports, and that this contributed to an increase in the positive balance of trade to EUR 9.6 bln from EUR 8.5 bln in 2017.