Exhibition of Polish sculpture to open in Riga

An exhibition of Polish sculpture will open at the Art Museum Bourse, which is part of the National Museum in Riga, on January 26.

Entitled "Artistry. 100 Years of Polish Sculpture", the exhibition was prepared by the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Oronsko (central Poland). 

"These sculptures, objects and installations created by artists from many generations are a representative collection of Polish sculpture of the 20th century, as well as of the present day," PAP was told by the Oronsko centre director, Eulalia Domanowska.

On view will be around 40 works, from the Oronsko collection, created by world-famous artists like Katarzyna Kobro, Magdalena Abakanowicz and Wojciech Fangor, among other sculptors. 

The exhibition, which will close on April 15, will be accompanied by educational workshops and a seminar on Polish modern sculpture.