Exhibition devoted to Polish media in Lithuania opens in Vilnius

The "Polish Media in Lithuania 1944-2020" exhibition was opened at the House of Polish Culture in Vilnius on Monday.

On show are Polish newspapers mainly from the Soviet period, including "Szlakiem Stalina" (Stalin's Path), "Iskry Leninowskie" (Lenin's Spark) and "Czlowiek Pracy" (Man of Work)."

Bozena Miezonis, the coordinator of cultural projects at the Polish Cultural Centre, said that that aim of the exhibition was not to assess these titles, but "to show how many Polish titles there were, the importance of the Polish language in Lithuania over the years and maybe to inspire someone to analyse this topic more extensively," she explained.

Vilnius journalist Antoni Radczenko, who prepared the exhibition, told PAP that the Polish press in Lithuania during the Soviet period was mainly associated with the Czerwony Sztandar (Red Banner) daily which began to appear in 1953 and changed its name to Kurier Wilenski (Vilnius Daily) in 1990 and is published to this day.

Radczenko added that the number of Polish language press titles grew decisively following the collapse of the Soviet Union and after Lithuania regained independence.

"Today, Poles in Lithuania have a lot of media titles. I do not know if any national minority, in any country, can boast of such a number," said Radczenko.

Poles form the largest ethnic minority in Lithuania.