Every second Polish strawberry is exported - report

Every second Polish strawberry is exported. Tomasz Gzell/PAP

Poland takes second place in Europe and eighth in the world in terms of strawberry production, which amounted to approximately 196,000 tonnes in 2018, up by 10 percent year on year, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has announced.

The majority of Polish strawberries enter the EU market. Last year, Poland exported fruits worth around EUR 180 mln, most of which were frozen strawberries, valued at EUR 170 mln.

Among the recipients of frozen strawberries were Germany (38 percent), the Netherlands (12 percent), France (11 percent), Belgium (6.5 percent), Denmark (4.7 percent), Switzerland (4.5 percent) and Great Britain (4.4 percent).

In 2018, 5,900 tonnes of fresh strawberries, worth EUR 8.8 mln, were exported. The largest receivers were the Netherlands (23 percent), Belarus (15 percent), Lithuania (11 percent), Germany (10 percent) and Belgium (7.5 percent).

The agriculture ministry noted that more and more strawberries enter the local market, which makes them cheaper.

Last year, Poland imported 13,500 tonnes of fresh strawberries, down 11 percent in comparison with 2017. The import value totalled EUR 27.4 mln.