Europe’s alliance with US is the foundation of its security - minister

Jakub Kaczmarczyk/PAP

Poland's defence minister has said there “is no alternative to an alliance between Europe and US” and that Europe must get closer to its American ally.

In an article published on Wednesday for the Politico portal, Mariusz Blaszczak stressed the importance of the trans-Altantic alliance.

"The basic principles, values and agreements on which the West's defense cooperation is based remain unchanged: There is no alternative to an alliance between Europe and the U.S," he wrote.

"Europe's alliance with the U.S. within Nato and the presence of U.S. troops on the Continent is the basic foundation of our common security,” he continued.

The minister called upon “individual European countries” to match Poland by hitting Nato’s unofficial defense spending goal of 2 percent of GDP.

“Our embrace of the alliance is due to our close ties with the U.S. for many generations, combined with our historical experience and our deep knowledge of the threat of aggressive Russian policy,” he continued. “A number of other Central and Eastern European countries have similar experiences, and they fully share our point of view."

Poland’s historical experience , the minister said, may not be understood by some in the West, and they might fail to realise that this experience underscores the need for a strong and ever-closer relationship with the United States.

"We must be closer to the U.S. than ever before,” he wrote. “The EU's common security policy should be compatible with, and complement, our alliance within Nato — not constitute an alternative to it," he said.

Blaszczak also said that Poland was convinced that the U.S. would continue to engage in the defense of Europe.

"But as allies, we cannot expect the U.S. to guarantee our security without real commitment from our side of the Atlantic,” he wrote. “As Europeans we must continue to work within Nato and strengthen our alliance with Washington. We need each other and we all have equal responsibility for our common future."