European SME congress launches in Katowice

This year’s European Congress of Small and Medium Enterprises is held under the motto, ‘Smart-Safe-Solutions.’ Andrzej Grygiel/PAP

The 9th European Congress of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) opened on Wednesday in the south-Polish industrial city of Katowice. Attending are more than 7,500 delegates from 50 countries.

In a letter to congress participants, Polish President Andrzej Duda wrote that the SME segment is a crucial economic force in Poland and Europe. Duda noted that Poland's over 2 million SMEs employ nearly 7 million and generate a considerable portion of Polish GDP, and voiced contentment with current growth trends in the segment.

Referring to the congress, Duda wrote that it addressed "many of the most vital economic issues, which are to a great degree decisive for our competitiveness and growth potential."

In his letter, Duda wrote that Poland's future growth depends on its timely integration with the ongoing 4.0 industrial revolution, and stressed that the SME segment should also seek innovative development paths. He also announced new and more streamlined legal solutions for SMEs, including changes in social security and tax regulations, and in this context underlined the importance of state support for the SME segment.

"It is important for the SME segment to generate innovative solutions (...). But in order to achieve this, it is crucial to support Polish entrepreneurs (...) and work even more intensively to create a conducive business environment," the president wrote.

This year's European Congress of Small and Medium Enterprises is held under the motto, 'Smart-Safe-Solutions.'