Europe needs new proposal, Kaczyński tells Warsaw Summit

Europe's conservatives need to work out a new proposal for the continent, Jarosław Kaczyński, head of Poland's ruling party Law and Justice (PiS), said at a Thursday Warsaw Summit of European conservative and right-wing leaders.

Kaczyński said Europe today stood before "new challenges," and especially criticised federalisation trends in the EU, for which he blamed Germany.

He warned that a federalised EU would restrict the independence of its members, and said Europe's conservative should retaliate with an alternative programme, designed not just to further their political ends, but to aid "Europe and our civilisation."

"We must prepare a new proposal for Europe. If we succeed, we will be doing something not just for our groupings and our political programme, but... for Europe and our civilisation," Kaczyński told the summit.

Kaczyński also underlined the fact that the federalisation ideas were coming from Germany, and said this could mean Berlin had ambitions to lead a future EU.In this context he recalled that World War II had left Europe with "a certain sensitivity" which forced Germany to "restrict its activity and ambitions," and warned that the federalisation conception showed a change of stance in this respect.

"This means the cancellation of the memory of the 20th century's history, a memory which, for a time, built a certain kind of sensitivity in Europe that made Germany practice self-restraint when it came to its activities and ambitions," Kaczyński said.

Kaczyński said a federalised Europe would be subject to "a certain hierarchy," and stressed that most European countries were unwilling to give up their sovereignty to a federation.

He also mentioned outside threats to European unity, especially from the East, and warned that the EU's adherence to political correctness was a "radical restriction on freedom" and could result in Europe becoming "a very weak civilisation in a world of strong civilisations."

According to Kaczyński, Europe's conservatives should retaliate with a "new proposal" for the EU. "A reply that would uphold the principle of European unity... as a permanent, institutionalised cooperation system for the European countries."

He also stressed the importance of building a European defence force to protect the continent, which he called "the most human-friendly civilisation in human history."