EUR 30 mln from EU funds will help Poland fight COVID-19 - ministry

Poland is set to receive PLN 133.5 million (EUR 30 million) from the EU as support for the country's healthcare system in fighting the coronavirus epidemic, the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy has announced.

The ministry recalled that it had earlier introduced solutions streamlining flexible transfer of EU funds to fighting the pandemic.

"So far we have transferred PLN 14.8 billion (EUR 3.34 billion) to anti-COVID actions from the EU funds available to Poland," Waldemar Puda, a deputy funds minister, was quoted as saying by the ministry.

The PLN 133.5 million will come from the EU's Infrastructure and Environment programme and will fund 34 new projects selected by the health ministry. The money will help buy ambulances, medical equipment, personal protection gear and disinfectants.

The ministry said it was working on using the remaining Infrastructure and Environment funds that had been transferred to fight the pandemic, in line with the European Commission's approval.