EUR 27.9 bln invested in Poland's special economic zones in 2018

Adam Warżawa/PAP

By the end of 2018, nearly PLN 119.2 billion (EUR 27.9 bln) was invested in special economic zones since their establishment, the capital invested there came from Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and the USA, the Entrepreneurship Ministry said.

Under the Act, that came into force on June 30th 2018, the territory of Poland where economic activity is conducted is classified as a special economic zone. The Act supporting new investments replaced the previously existing system of support for entrepreneurs operating in special economic zones.

According to the ministry, investors hired over 379,000 employees in all SEZs by the end of December 2018. In comparison with 2017, their number increased by 26,000 or 7.4 percent.

The total value of investments by 2018 was PLN 119.2 billion (EUR 27.9 bln), up by PLN 12.6 bln (EUR 3 bln) or 11.9 percent, compared to the results of the previous year. Some 23.3 percent of invested capital came from Poland, 19.4 percent from Germany, 7.65 percent from the Netherlands, 5.9 percent from Luxembourg and 5.7 percent from USA.

The largest share in the investments was by companies from the automotive industry, over 24 percent. The next largest investments were by producers of rubber and plastic products (9.7 percent) and metal products (7.7 percent).

The majority of investments were made in the Legnica Economic Zone, southwestern Poland, and the Katowice Economic Zone, southwestern Poland. The invested capital in each zone was 52.4 percent and 50.1 percent, respectively.

The ministry said that the companies managing the SEZs devoted PLN 7 mln (EUR 1.6 mln) for the promotion of the zones and PLN 302.4 mln (EUR 71 mln) for the development of infrastructure.

The total area covered by special economic zones increased by 222.9 hectares, up by 22,886 hectares.