EUR 2.26 bln earmarked for green investments in 2020 – climate minister

Przemysław Piątkowski/PAP

This year, nearly PLN 10 billion (EUR 2.26 bln) will go to support green investments, Climate Minister Michal Kurtyka has said. He stated the money would be allocated for, among other projects, eco-friendly transport, energy efficiency and photovoltaic development.

Kurtyka pointed out that funds for green investments come from, among other sources, EU funds, the so-called Norwegian Funds and national funds.

"The outbreak of the coronavirus requires that we look for solutions that will stimulate the economy. We also aspire for this economic recovery to set new paths for development and growth, green growth," stated the minister.

He added that the support plan for green investments will cover a total of 26 National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management programmes and provincial environmental protection funds.

"According to our calculations, the nearly PLN 10 billion made available by us will allow the generation of investments worth over PLN 20 billion (EUR 4.52 billion). I am convinced that this will be an important element of economic recovery after coronavirus," said Kurtyka.