EUR 150,000 in Norway Grants available for bilateral energy projects

Grants from the Norwegian and European Economic Area Funds are to be made available for bilateral projects in the fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy security and reducing climate change, Poland's Ministry of Climate announced on Friday.

Friday saw the start of applications for project co-financing.

The ministry explained in a press release that the entire pool of funds earmarked to support bilateral projects is EUR 150,000 while the maximum quota per project stands at EUR 20,000, with the minimum grant being EUR 1,000. The aim of the programme is to support undertakings aimed at establishing or strengthening bilateral contacts between Polish entities and those of the granting nations, namely, Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein.

The ministry announced that the bilateral nature of projects can be attested to by a letter of intent or partnership contacts at the application stage, together with a programme of study visits, invitation to a seminar, workshop or conference or the completion of an application form.

A condition of acceptance for co-financing is active participation of the applicant in the planned event, in the form of a presentation, a paper or a lecture on a subject related to the programme's thematic fields.

The Norway Grants is the name given to financial aid made available to Poland under two financial instruments: The Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area, and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

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