EU member states want to hear Poland's arguments again

Representatives of EU member states have decided to hold another hearing of Poland under the Article 7 procedure that the European Commission (EC) launched in December 2017, PAP was told by an EU diplomatic source. The hearing will take place in September.

"Fifteen member states opted for the hearing," the source told PAP, referring to a meeting of EU ambassadors in Brussels. The Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia opposed such a hearing while representatives of the remaining member states did not voice their opinions, the source added.

Poland unsuccessfully argued that the EU Council should not make any further steps due to the EC's launch of the EU law infringement procedure against Poland over the country's Supreme Court law and the expected filing of a relevant case with the EU Court of Justice.

The previous hearing was held on June 26 at a meeting of the EU's European affairs ministers in Strasbourg. Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Konrad Szymański said at that time that he counted on an amicable settlement of the rule-of-law dispute.