EU may face 2nd wave of Ukrainian refugees says Polish deputy min

Darek Delmanowicz/PAP

Russian attacks on Ukraine's critical energy infrastructure as winter approaches may trigger a second wave of refugees, a deputy interior minister has told PAP.

Bartosz Grodecki said on Monday evening, after the first day of an EU meeting devoted to migration and held in Prague, that Poland was likely be the main host country for Ukrainian refugees, as it was during the first migration wave triggered by Russia's invastion of Ukraine in February.

"We've just held a meeting with our Ukrainian counterparts and we hope that we'll be able to get prepared together," Grodecki said.

The deputy minister also said the EU needed to draft an action plan for its borders, particularly within the passport-free Schengen zone, adding that "there will be no well-functioning Schengen zone without proper management of migration, from the start of the route up to the end, to the host countries."

The conference is also attended by representatives of non-EU regions that may be affected by migration, including Western Balkans, Central Asia and Turkey.