EU has helped make Putin's Russia says minister

Piotr Nowak/PAP

The EU has made Russia into the "imperialist monster" it is today, Poland's justice minister said in an interview for the Nasz Dziennik newspaper published on Friday.

Zbigniew Ziobro, who is also the prosecutor general, said Russia's imperialist ambitions had been awakened by the West's condonement of its expansionism.

"The European Union itself has weaned this imperialist monster, who uses Stalinist methods, kills opposing journalists, denies the historical truth about the Soviet Union's crimes, attacks Georgia and Ukraine," Ziobro said.

"These killings and attacks must have been allowed by (Russian President Vladimir - PAP) Putin. And though everyone knew he was an international bandit, they still did business with him," he added.

The minister also attacked EU sanctions on Russia.

"Once more, the EU has come up with flimsy sanctions, and each day it provides Putin with a billion euros, mainly under German deals. Each days brings Putin a billion euros, so he has the funds he needs to carry on this war," Ziobro added.

Ziobro especially criticised Germany for blocking heavy arms supplies to the Ukrainian army, pointing out that "even evidence of Russian crimes on children (in Ukraine - PAP) does not seem to stop Berlin from quietly aiding Moscow."

In this context, he recalled the EU's rule of law dispute with Poland, and observed that Brussels's objections against Poland went hand in hand with tolerance for Russia's violations of international law. "The same people are preaching to us about values and accusing us of violating democracy," he said.

He also warned that Germany's policy foresaw Berlin's "domination of the EU based on strategic cooperation with Russia."